My Bad

I had the occasion to have lunch with Kaitlyn Monday, which is something I always look forward to.  Amber and I have long since started promising her that we will make it for lunch on the off chance something comes up and we cannot make it; the last thing we want to do is to let her down and have her be upset.

As she always does when she has company for lunch, Kaitlyn lit up when she saw me waiting for her outside of her classroom.  She walks with an extra spring in her step from her class to the cafeteria every time.  It is really neat to see.

Usually, we go sit in the tables (or on the stage) that are designated for students to have lunch with their guest plus one friend, but Monday Kaitlyn wanted to sit with more of her friends.  And that landed me in hot water.

BBTBecause Kaitlyn wanted to sit with more of her friends, that meant that we would be sitting at her regular lunch table.  By itself, that is not a big deal at all.  Where it became a little tricky was when the issue of leg room came up.  Because I am significantly taller than your average elementary school student, I balked at Kaitlyn’s insistence that I sit a few chairs in; instead, I had her and one of her friends scoot over so that I could sit at the end of the table.  No sooner had I gotten myself as comfortable as a 6’3″ person can be at a table designed for elementary school kids did Kaitlyn get on my case for where I was sitting.  Apparently, I was in “her spot.”  My bad.

When it comes to some things (ok, a lot of things!), Kaitlyn is very similar to the character Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory.  I didn’t realize that Kaitlyn had a certain spot that is hers at the lunch table, but the rest of her friends seemed to know it.  Luckily for me, Kaitlyn was feeling generous and let me sit in her spot; I doubt I will be so fortunate next time.


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