The Big Dance

Kaitlyn had been looking forward to tonight for a few weeks now.  Her excitement started right after school started back up in January.  Tonight was the daddy-daughter dance at her school.

A few weeks ago, I could barely even make it in the door before Kaitlyn was asking me a question that we both already knew the answer to: “Will you be my date to the daddy-daughter dance?”  The answer, of course, was “Yes!”

From that day on, Kaitlyn could barely talk about anything else (the lone exception seemed to be our Disney trip in January), and pestered Amber for quite some time to take her dress shopping.  She finally did get her dress, a beautiful red dress, and got some nice shoes and accessories, too.

Last night, I was walking down the hall and I noticed that her bedroom light was off.  I was confused, since she was in her designated reading window.  Amber told me that Kaitlyn wanted to go to bed, so I went into her room to tell her goodnight, and I asked why she was in bed so early.  She told me, “because I want to save up all of my energy for the dance!”

The dance was a lot of fun, even though I spent a good portion of the night watching Kaitlyn and her friend Lindsay maneuver their way around the cafeteria.  When I finally did slow her down for a minute, we enjoyed a dance or two.  And of course, we ended the night like we always do: grabbing a frozen yogurt at Nuberri.



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