A New Script

From time-to-time, Amber and I have to adjust our approach to how we keep Kaitlyn on track.  Since she is usually really well-behaved, we can sometimes get lax in our approach, and we let things slide that we shouldn’t; and once that starts to happen, Kaitlyn gets thrown for a loop and gets overwhelmed.

That is exactly what happened recently.

And then Amber and I fixed it (the solution was mostly Amber’s creation, but I helped craft it some).

One thing that Kaitlyn just cannot stand to do as part of her schoolwork is practice her cursive handwriting.  It’s just not one of those things she feels is overly important or necessary to her daily routine.  But, since it is being taught in school, we expect her best effort.  CursiveHer handwriting work has easily been the area where she has consistently underperformed this year in school (she has made the honor roll each nine weeks, though, so we are not too concerned).

In order to ensure that Kaitlyn is meeting our expectations from a behavior standpoint, we developed a system that will, hopefully, keep her on track and also keep her from having to do extra practice on her cursive.  Starting this week, when she breaks one of our rules, the first offense will see her writing, in neat cursive, 25 sentences on how she will not break that rule again.  For example, if she were to stomp away or get huffy when we ask her to complete a chore, she would have to write, 25 times, “I will have self-control.”  There is a tiered system as to subsequent offenses, too.

Since the implementation of this system this week, Kaitlyn has been on her best behavior.

As parents of a child with Asperger’s, Amber and I are constantly working to ensure that we are doing what is right for Kaitlyn, and sometimes that means establishing new rules and expectations.  She thrives on structure and rules, and Amber and I are happy to provide those!


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