Making New Friends

For Kaitlyn, one of the most difficult things for her to do has been to make new friends.  A big reason for that is because she is extremely shy, and it takes her awhile to warm up to new people.  At least that is how she is when she is around Amber and I.

Last July 4, we had the opportunity to spend the weekend with some very close friends at their lake house on Lake Eufaula in Alabama.  We have known them forever, and their youngest son was the ring bearer in our wedding; when we were first married, it seemed like we were at their house 3-4 times per week.  When we get the chance to spend time with them, it is something we really look forward to.

As we were driving up there, we prepared Kaitlyn for the fact that there would be quite a crowd there for the weekend.  In addition to the “regular” family, there was going to be some additional people there as well.

Kaitlyn was sleeping when the bulk of the group arrived at the house, so she was shocked to see so many new faces when she woke up.  She was, of course, immediately thrown into “extreme shy” mode, and would not speak to any of the new faces (members of the Georgia Tech softball team).  GT

It didn’t take long, however, for Kaitlyn to take to the “other” Caitlyn who was there that weekend.  Before long, our Kaitlyn was talking about how she wanted to go tubing with Caitlyn; not with me, not with Amber, and not with anyone else.  Just Caitlyn.  When they finally got their chance Caitlyn took care of Kaitlyn as we towed them behind the boat (we didn’t get anywhere close to the 20mph Kaitlyn thinks we did), and our Kaitlyn had a blast.

No more than a few days pass these days when Kaitlyn doesn’t bring up our trip to the lake and tubing with her new friend.  When FSU played Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship Game last December, Kaitlyn was somewhat conflicted on who to cheer for because she didn’t want Caitlyn to be upset (she knew what was good for her and cheered for the Noles though).  Now that the college softball season is underway, Kaitlyn is asking when we are going to make a trip to Atlanta to watch the Yellow Jackets play; hopefully that happens soon.


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