Exceeding Expectations (Again!)

Open-BookThere is very little Kaitlyn can do these days that surprises Amber and I; she’ll get us on occasion, but it is rare.  I guess maybe that comes from our belief that the sky really is the limit when it comes to what she can accomplish or what she can do (within reason, of course).  So, it comes as little surprise that she has already well-exceeded her AR (Accelerated Reader) goal for this grading period and for the school year.

For this grading period alone, Kaitlyn has 27.4 points, and the average grade level of the book she has read is 4.8 (4th grade, 8th month).  Her goal was 11.6, which she met a mere 6 days into the grading period.  She is at 236.2% of her goal already, and that number will just keep climbing.  Because she met her goal so quickly, she even earned a special reward from her teacher at the recent book fair; her teacher let her pick out any book she wanted, and then bought it for her.

As far as her total for the year so far, she has accumulated 107.8 points, with an average book level of 4.9.  She has read 733,122 words, and passed 48 AR tests.  Not too shabby.

Over her last 10 books, the average book level she has read is 4.82, with a high-water mark of 6.1 (she also got a 100% on the test for the 6.1 level book!).  She is working hard toward reading all of the books in the Sunshine State Young Readers Program, and we have no doubt she will read all of them.

Somehow, no matter how high we set the bar, Kaitlyn continues to exceed our expectations.  She’s required to read at least 20 minutes per night for school, but reads for at least 30 (we bumped her bedtime back 30 minutes so she had uninterrupted reading time each night).  Amber and I both could not be more thrilled that she has developed, and continues to grow, a love for reading.


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