Archie and Roo to the Rescue!

dolphin11aIf you have read many of my posts, you will notice a trend in the underlying theme in a lot of them–that Kaitlyn has a huge, caring heart.  That is true for animals, the environment, people she cares about, and even FSU football.  For a child who has so much trouble reading social cues, she has a consistent depth of caring that most of us can only hope to have once.

Never has that been more on display than it was yesterday when I got home from work.  Amber has been battling some congestion, and started to complain of severe pain in her ear Sunday night.  She went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with a severe ear infection.

When she picked up Kaitlyn from school earlier than usual (the break in routine clued Kaitlyn in that something was not right), it was time for action.  As soon as they walked in the door, Kaitlyn immediately went to get Amber some water to drink.  Because of the pain from her ear infection, Amber went to the couch to rest, and Kaitlyn continued to care for her.

In addition to tending to Amber yesterday, Kaitlyn brought in reinforcements, too.  She brought out the “big guns,” her two favorite stuffed friends, her dolphin Archie and Roo (of course!).  RooIf there was going to be a chance that Amber would feel better quicker, Archie and Roo would be the reasons why.  And the best part is that by Kaitlyn’s bedtime last night, Archie and Roo had done their part in helping to make Amber feel better.

I’ve written on here countless time how Amber and I know how blessed we are that Kaitlyn is the way that she is.  She cares so deeply about us, and about others, that we are beyond proud of her.  For all of the sometimes frustrating quirks that Asperger’s has helped her develop, we are extremely thankful that it has also helped to foster an even greater level of caring and compassion in her.


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