Back And Better Than Ever (I Hope!)

Wow, I guess time just gets away from me sometimes.  I can’t believe I haven’t shared a single thing since last June.  Plenty has happened over the last 8 months, too.

To quickly recap the happenings since the last post on June 16:

*  Kaitlyn started third grade.  There were some rough patches early on, in large part due to her trouble with transition and having to adjust to a new structure and routine in third grade.  That, and she put a lot of pressure on herself being in the gifted program from day one this year.  Everything is running smoothly now, though.
*  We surprised Kaitlyn in September with a trip to Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach.  The trip itself would have been enough for her, but Amber and I did even better and signed her up for a “meet-and-greet” with the dolphins.  And the best part about it was that she was the only one in that session, so she had about 6 dolphins to herself.  The glow in her eyes and the pure joy on her face is something we will never forget.
*  We were driving in the car one day in the fall, and out of nowhere, Kaitlyn shared with us that she was worried about the state of things with what ISIS had been up to.  And she was 100% serious.
*  Kaitlyn continued to enjoy going to FSU football games.  She loved tailgating before the games, and loved being inside Doak Campbell all season, and she was crushed when our Noles lost to Oregon in the Rose Bowl.
*  Kaitlyn’s biggest Christmas present this year was a trip to Magic Kingdom.  We went there over the MLK Holiday weekend, and spent three solid days in the Magic Kingdom.  It was our first visit there since Kaitlyn turned five.  Not surprisingly, her favorite rides were the roller coasters: Space Mountain, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, and Thunder Mountain, in that order.
*  Kaitlyn and I ran a 5k a few weeks back, and she was incredibly inspiring as we ran.  She kept telling me that she wanted to “finish fast and strong” and do her best “for Trent.”  Trent went to her school and was in fourth grade when he passed away in 2013 after battling cancer for several years.

Amber and I are excited about what 2015 has in store for us, and for Kaitlyn.  I promise I will bring everyone along for the ride.


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