I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I came home one day last week and noticed that we had gotten mail from Kaitlyn’s school.  You know, the mail addressed “To the parents of…”  Knowing Kaitlyn, I knew it couldn’t be anything too bad.

Inside the envelope, we had a copy of Kaitlyn’s gifted Education Plan (EP), and a letter from her teacher.

The EP noted that she made great progress in meeting her gifted goals, which is remarkable considering she joined the class so late in the school year.  Nothing really new on that front for sure.

The letter from her teacher was something else altogether.  It was a nice little note stating how much she enjoyed having Kaitlyn in her class for the small amount of time she was in there.  In the letter, she noted how much she enjoyed having our “pensive little girl” in her class.  I showed the note to Kaitlyn, and recommended that she grab her dictionary (that’s right, grab the dictionary, not look it up online) to see what pensive meant.

Kaitlyn was pleased to learn that pensive means “dreamily or wistfully thoughtful.”  That describes her very well.

Amber and I are fortunate to have such a pensive little girl, and also one who has a desire to always be learning.  We are proud that Kaitlyn understands that learning does not take a break for summer.


2 responses

  1. Hahahaha…. my Dad used to always make me look up words in the dictionary too! So funny! Glad she had such a positive experience, I loved my gifted classes. I know next year will be even better for her! And where is our Cruise recap?!?!?

    1. I’ve been a little slow on the recap for sure. I’ll get one out soon!

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