361 Days

MickeyWhile we were on our first Disney cruise last summer, Amber and I were easily convinced to book another one while we were on board.  We really did not take much convincing, either; if we had involved Kaitlyn in the discussion, there would not have been much of a discussion at all (she would have booked us for a 15 night cruise though).

The one bad part about booking on board was the extremely long wait until we could board a ship for our next cruise.  361 days in fact, from the day we booked on the Disney Dream until we boarded the Disney Fantasy last Saturday.  And it was a long 361 days, too.

During those 361 days, Kaitlyn did her best to plan as much of our vacation as she could.  She had a plan for every day, and was happy to go over it with us well over 361 times.  Luckily, Amber and I were able to share Kaitlyn’s love of planning with my parents, my brother, and our nephew, since they joined us this year.  DuckSlideLARGEWhether it was the order in which she projected we would ride the AquaDuck or what she was having for dinner, Kaitlyn took a lot of pride and put a lot of effort into getting ready for our second cruise.  She made multiple lists, depending on the day and activity she was wanting to do.  She insisted (but lost) on packing all of her princess costumes way back in December (because you can never be ready too early!).  She studied the Personal Navigators shared on an unofficial Disney Cruise blog.

IslandOur trip this year took us, after two days at sea, to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, another day at sea, and then to Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

As you are reading this, we are probably just about to get off the ship, or have already started our trek to the customs area at the port.  Just like last year, I plan on writing a few posts dedicated to our trip and specifically to Kaitlyn’s experiences.  Hopefully we get up enough nerve again this year to book another cruise soon (maybe with a shorter wait time next time!).



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  1. Have fun! St. Thomas and St. Maarten are beautiful.

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