In The Books

It’s hard to believe, but Kaitlyn is officially done with second grade.  It seems like just yesterday that we were getting her ready and taking her to her first day of kindergarten.  Time sure flies.

Open-BookThis year was an eventful year, and a productive year, too.  Kaitlyn continued to excel with her reading goals, and in pretty much every area of study.  She made the honor roll each grading period, and somehow manage to maintain the standard she had set for herself in getting an A in every subject.  That is quite impressive.  Amber and I have had to be sure to manage our expectations, knowing full well that she could bring home that first B at any time, and we do not want her to be disappointed; we have, in fact, had to go over some of the work that was already graded to ensure that she improves in areas where she struggled on a particular assignment.

albert-einsteinIn order to challenge Kaitlyn some, we had her tested for inclusion in the gifted program (again), and she passed with flying colors.  While she did enter the class toward the tail end of the year (early April), she was happy with how she meshed and satisfied on how quickly she picked up on the material.  Because she had not been with the class the whole year, and because she came in midstream on a lesson they were doing, Amber and I used her first little bit of work she brought home as a chance to really encourage her to try even harder, and she was very receptive.  We even had a laugh at a comment the teacher made on a math test Kaitlyn brought home; it was a student-created test on fractions, percentages, multiplication, division, means, and medians, and Kaitlyn was a little behind since the test was given during her first week in the class.  On one of the long division problems, Kaitlyn had the correct answer, but did not show her work, and the teacher commented, “How did you get that?!”  It was really cool that she was not marked off for not showing her work.

Being in gifted part of the day really freed Kaitlyn up to be an even better student.  It allowed her to explore and begin to discover the learning strategies that work best for her.  Moving forward, Kaitlyn will begin each year with the rest of the gifted kids, so Amber and I will not have to worry about her struggling because she is playing catch-up.

sun-wearing-sunglassesWe have a summer of fun planned for Kaitlyn, and she has remarked several times on how she cannot wait for summer to get here.  While she had a great school year, we could really tell as the year was coming to a close that she was exhausted and ready for a break.  In two and a half months, third grade gets underway.


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