“They Gave Me Courage”

Considering that Kaitlyn had pretty much announced her retirement before the baseball season ever started (she wants to focus on her next big dream: being an Olympian in Equestrian), her reaction to the season coming to an end last night was a bit of a surprise.

Baseball CollageThe two months or so that comprised the baseball season seemingly flew by for us.  Twice a week since early April, Amber and I made our way to Kaitlyn’s games.  And it seemed to end in a flash.

The improvement that Kaitlyn made during this past season was fun to witness.  From the first practice to the last game, there was big difference in her ability.  For most of the season, Kaitlyn struggled to make contact off the coach, but each game was a step in the right direction.  She got her first “real” hit just last week, and I don’t know who was more excited, her, me, or her coach.  Then, in her last at bat last night, Kaitlyn made even better contact to record her second hit off the coach this season.  What a way to go out!

After the game, there was a little postseason pizza party and trophy presentation.  Kaitlyn was all smiles when she got her trophy from the coach.  It was a great moment.

As we were heading into the house last night after the game, Kaitlyn was in tears.  She was very upset that the season had ended; her reaction was quite the surprise since she had indicated that she was not playing anymore after this season (it wouldn’t be the worst thing if she pulled a “Favre” and came out of retirement).  Even more surprising was that she actually thanked Amber and I for letting her play, even though we will always be happy to let her participate in whatever she wants to.  As I was talking to her as she went to bed last night, Kaitlyn revealed why she did so good, and why she was so upset; she told me that her teammates “gave me courage” and were supportive of her.  That was awesome to hear, and we witnessed how great they all were, not just with her, but in supporting each other.

Amber and I cannot be more thankful to everyone who came out to cheer for Kaitlyn and her teammates.  The other parents were supportive of every player on the team, setting a positive example to the kids.



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