Right Up My Alley

Pretty much as soon as I walked in the door after work last night, Kaitlyn had something she needed my help with.  I wasn’t two feet in the door before she came running around the corner, ready to present me with her request to help.  As it turned out, her request was to help her with something right up my alley.

checkOne of the things they are learning about in Kaitlyn’s gifted class is about using money and paying for things.  They have a little “store” they operate, and the class takes turns “buying” items.  Today, it seems, they were going to be using checks to purchase items, and Kaitlyn asked me if I could show her how to write a check.  As a banker, this is obviously right in my wheelhouse of things I know about.

After we did some work outside (why waste a beautiful afternoon by staying inside the whole time?), Amber and I dug up some checks for an old account (closed years ago), and it was time for Kaitlyn’s lesson.  Kaitlyn and I sat down at the table, and I showed her how to write a check, explaining everything as I went.  Satisfied she had the process down after just one example, Kaitlyn took a swing at writing her own check.  And she nailed it on the first try!

Kaitlyn ended up writing three checks last night, and I can honestly say that she has a better understanding of the parts of a check and how to properly write a check, than probably about 75% of the customers I have encountered in my time as a banker.  Growing up around the banking industry (my mom is also a banker) gave me plenty of opportunities to learn how to write checks, how to count money, and, most importantly, how to balance our register.  If our early experiences are indicative of Kaitlyn’s future, she will be just fine when it comes to managing her money (she’s a saver, and stashes money all over her room, yet never seems to have enough).


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