Having Some Fun!

Storm***Note:  We’re not in Pensacola, but a lot of what hit them has been hammering us since the early morning hours today.***

At about 6:20 this morning, our house went dark.  The severe storm that has been hammering the Florida Panhandle finally won out, and we lost power (if that is the worst that happens today, we will be plenty happy).  After first freaking out because she was now eating her breakfast in the dark, Kaitlyn calmed down and seemed to make the best of the situation.

Lucky for us, I keep two tactical flashlights in our family room, which is where we happened to be when the power went out.  I grabbed both of them, and handed one to Kaitlyn so she would feel comfortable.  She happens to love these particular flashlights because they have four settings: regular light, red, green, and flashing red.  We had a regular light show before too long.

Shadow PuppetWhile we were waiting for it to be time for us to leave for school, Kaitlyn decided that it would be fun to start casting shadow puppets on our blinds.  And why not?  We were just sitting there doing nothing.  Kaitlyn made a hawk, a falcon, and a butterfly, and we did our best to cast a dolphin, too.  Before we left, we even tried our hand at making a shadow jellyfish.

All in all, we did our best to stay entertained during our morning blackout, and Kaitlyn didn’t even miss a beat!




2 responses

  1. Who says you can’t have fun in the storm? Good for you all for making the storm an enjoyable experience.

    1. Gotta make the best of the situation!

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