A Few Tidbits

It’s been a while since I wrote an entry that consisted of some random happenings with Kaitlyn.

It seems that I have a new nightly assignment.  On the heels of writing about the battle that ensues when Amber brushes Kaitlyn’s hair, I was tasked with brushing her hair last night after her bath.  Because I was able to accomplish brushing her hair without a single complaint from Kaitlyn, that is now apparently my new job.  We’ll see how that goes in the long run.

SullivanFor Easter, one of the things that Kaitlyn got in her basket was something she has been asking for for quite some time, a Disney Infinity set.  It is a set of games that allows her to pick a character and explore different Disney-specific “worlds” on the Wii.  The set she got came with Sullivan from Monsters, Inc., Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles, and Jack Sparrow from the Pirates franchise.  In addition, she also got Anna from Frozen.  This morning, while we were waiting in the drop off line at school, Kaitlyn went ahead and told me the characteristics I have in common with each character, excluding Anna.  Apparently, I am “funny and play pranks” like Sullivan, I am “strong” like Mr. Incredible, and “fierce” like Jack Sparrow.  It is awesome that she sees me as having those attributes.

garth_brooksIn an effort to expand Kaitlyn’s musical taste, instead of letting her select what we listened to in the car, I went ahead and made the choice for her.  (As much as I enjoy some Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan, and Florida Georgia Line, I need some variety sometimes.)  This morning, we listened to some Garth Brooks.  Much to my surprise, she seemed to actually enjoy what we were listening to; I was surprised because his country music is not very similar to the country music of today and what Kaitlyn is used to hearing.  We may be on to something here.



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