mathToday is a pretty big day for Kaitlyn at school.  Starting this morning, she will spend most of her morning in a completely different classroom than she has been going to all year so far.  And unlike with most disruptions to her routine, she is very excited about this change.  Today, Kaitlyn starts going to spend some time in the gifted classroom.

We found out right before Spring Break that she had qualified for gifted, but we had to wait until last week for it to become official.  Kaitlyn brought home paperwork last Monday for us to sign giving her permission to be in the gifted class, and Amber and I had a meeting at the school last Thursday to meet with the gifted teacher and the guidance counselor.

The meeting went great, too.  The guidance counselor started by noting how far Kaitlyn has come since she started at the school.  She noted that she has seen tremendous growth in her academically and also socially.  Awesome!

During the meeting, we were given a copy of the results of the gifted test Kaitlyn took a few weeks ago.  The results showed her standard scores and her overall percentile rank.  To be considered for the gifted program, she needed to have a composite intelligence score at or above the 98th percentile on the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS) test.  The test is broken down into two components, the verbal intelligence index and the nonverbal intelligence index.  ReidOn the nonverbal intelligence index, Kaitlyn achieved a standard score of 121, which placed her in the 92nd percentile.  This score, according to the report we were given, represents well above average nonverbal abilities.  On the verbal intelligence index, Kaitlyn achieved a standard score of 137, which puts her at or above the 99th percentile.  Her score represents significantly above average verbal intelligence abilities.  Overall, her composite intelligence index scored at 133, which put her at or above the 99th percentile.  Not too shabby.

We were given a copy of the goals Kaitlyn will be working toward over the next month (new goals coming in about a month or so).  The goals are pretty straightforward, and I think they will challenge Kaitlyn, which is exactly what she needs to have happen.

There was an air of excitement at our house all weekend.  It was like the weekend could not get over fast enough for her.  We had to get her a binder with dividers to take to gifted this morning, and she carried that thing around with her a lot this weekend.  She even asked Amber and I to write little messages on the inside of the binder so that she can read them during class if she starts to get overwhelmed or needs motivation.  Amber and I were more than happy to write little messages to encourage her and to let her know how proud we are of her.

With the school year winding down, the next two months or so will serve as a great gauge for us and for Kaitlyn on what we will all have to expect from her being in gifted going forward.  We know that there will be challenges along the way, and we know that it will mean more work for her, but I think it is something we are all ready for and embracing.


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