Rolling Right Along

schoolhouse1Kaitlyn brought home her report card for the third nine weeks this week.  We actually got it the day they came out this time, and given the fact that she lost her report card last time, there was a 50/50 chance (at best), that its arrival would be delayed this time, too.  I guess all that practice I made her do helped resolve the root problem from last time (failure to zip up her backpack).

Kaitlyn just keeps rolling along with getting great grades.  Straight As again this time, and she exceeded expectations in all non-graded areas again.  On the honor roll again, too.

Of course, her report card also contained the much-anticipated comments from her teacher, and those stayed about the same, too.  “Kaitlyn is a pleasure to have in class.”  “She continues to grow.”  “We will continue to work on getting her to slow down on assignments to avoid making silly (my word, not her teacher’s) mistakes.”  Same old, same old.

There is a big change coming for Kaitlyn starting next week, but Amber and I, along with her teacher and school administration, believe that it will only help Kaitlyn continue to grow and excel.


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