A Spring Bloom

FlowersToday is the first day of spring, so I thought I would share something that Kaitlyn wrote recently.  When we took her down to drop her off with Amber’s mom for Spring Break, we stayed with Amber’s granny for the weekend; granny has a nice piano in her house that is not used nearly as much as it was in the past, but Kaitlyn always seems to enjoy playing it.  She played for a little Saturday, then decided that she needed a pencil and some paper; she sat and wrote something, away from our prying eyes, and then headed back to the piano.

We heard her playing, and could barely hear that she was singing, too, but we could not hear what she was singing.  When she went to bed for the night, she left the piece of paper she had written on by the piano, so we picked it up.  Below is the song she wrote and was singing.  She titled it Bloom:

“Before you know it, spring is here and you think it’s pretty.
Flowers bloom, bloom, bloom!
Bloom, bloom, bloom!
Springtime’s here, so it’s warm.
Outside you find bees buzzing,
butterflies flying, birds singing!”

I think it is an amazing song.


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