A Special Gift

mathWhile it is not “official” yet, Kaitlyn will have a little more put on her plate once school starts back next week.

We were aware that Kaitlyn had taken the gifted test again recently, after missing the threshold by the slightest of margins last year.  She was all nonchalant about it when I asked her about the test the day she took it, proclaiming that she “got a 100% on it.”  Then, during their field day last Friday, Kaitlyn’s teacher pulled Amber aside to let her know that she had indeed done well enough on the test to be in the gifted program, although it would not be “official” until after Spring Break.

What this means for Kaitlyn is that she will be challenged even more.  She will leave from her classroom twice during the day for gifted instruction.  I guess the whole “official” part will be when we find out exactly what areas she will receive gifted instruction in.  If I had to guess, math would be one of them, and she will probably be in a more advanced reading group (she is reading on a 6th grade level already).

This is just another positive step in Kaitlyn’s development, and it reinforces the hard work that she has put in, along with the rules and discipline that Amber and I continually cultivate and implement.  We are very proud of her for this accomplishment!


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  1. […] found out right before Spring Break that she had qualified for gifted, but we had to wait until last week for it to become official.  Kaitlyn brought home paperwork […]

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