A Much Needed Spring Break


It’s official, Kaitlyn’s Spring Break is underway!  It is hard to tell who is more excited: her, or Amber and I.  Your immediate reaction might be that it would have to be Kaitlyn who is most excited because she has a week (technically a week plus one day) with no school, and that might be true, but I think that Amber and I can make a strong case for our excitement.

If her first sleepover at a friend’s house was a successful test case (it was), then this week will be a true test.  As you are reading this, Kaitlyn is about 300 or so miles from us.  You see, we just got back from dropping her off with Amber’s mom.

The idea formed, gained traction, and was finalized relatively quickly.  And it was a pretty simple one.  For the last two years, Amber’s mom had come and spent the week with Kaitlyn at our house; this year, they both wanted to try to spend time together in central Florida (where Amber’s mom smartly goes to get away from the winters in Iowa).

We are all unsure how long Kaitlyn will be able to hold out being so far away.  The goal is for her to spend the entire week down there and come back sometime Friday, but I think all parties involved will be happy with a few days.  It is going to be quite the change of scenery for Kaitlyn, and Amber and I hope that she handles it well, but part of us thinks that the change in routine could be somewhat detrimental to her, too.  I guess time will tell.

As for Amber and I, we are by ourselves in a suddenly quiet house (not complaining).  We are looking forward to our own week of rest and relaxation, too.  We will miss Kaitlyn, of course, but that does not mean we shouldn’t enjoy a little time without her.


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  2. […] before we dropped Kaitlyn off with Amber’s mom last Sunday, we had talked about keeping our expectations for this week realistic.  While we wanted Kaitlyn to […]

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