15 Hours

We picked Kaitlyn up from her friend’s house Saturday morning promptly at 10am, thus ending her first sleepover at someone else’s house, and capping her first night spent without at least one parent in almost 7 years.  And it was a wonderful success!

When Amber and I dropped Kaitlyn off Friday night, she almost immediately got down to the business of having a blast.  She and Lindsay retreated into Lindsay’s room and the night was off in a flurry.  We stayed and talked with Lindsay’s parents for a few minutes, then got about the quickest “bye” in history as we were leaving.  Kaitlyn was going to be just fine.  Of course, our first hint of how the night was going to go should have been when I asked her in the car if she was excited about her sleepover, and she told me that she was “so excited that I want to scream.”

For the first time in forever, Amber and I were alone.  It was a great feeling, too!  Our excitement did not stem from us being happy to be without Kaitlyn for a night, it came from knowing that we would have a much-needed break, and so would she.  It gave Kaitlyn a chance to miss us, and gave us a chance to miss having Kaitlyn around.  We didn’t exactly feel sorry for ourselves as we enjoyed a nice, adult dinner, without having to worry about Kaitlyn eating her meal.  We surely didn’t worry about the house being too quiet when we got home, either.

I had a pretty good idea how the night went early Saturday morning.  Luckily, the late-night phone call never came, meaning Kaitlyn survived the night.  I saw Lindsay’s dad at a local 5k Saturday morning, so I was able to get the scoop on the prior night’s events.  The girls went to bed pretty early (9:30),  but not before reporting that they had seen a ghost outside of Lindsay’s window (luckily the ghost didn’t stay long); the girls were up way too early (6:30), and seemed to have a really good time.

When we went to pick Kaitlyn up, she was not really that happy that her visit was ending.  I think she enjoyed having a 15-hour break from us.  Hopefully this past weekend was a successful of things to come; having extended periods away from us, whether it is a 15-hour sleepover or a longer stint can only serve to enhance Kaitlyn’s growth as a person and strengthen us as a family.


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