Reaching A Milestone

pillow-blanket1In just a few hours, Amber and I will be loading Kaitlyn up in the car and take her to her first sleepover.  Well, her first sleepover at a friend’s house.

This is a big milestone for Kaitlyn.  It has been close to seven years since she has had a night where she will not sleep under the same roof as at least one of us.  She does not even remember the only other time that it happened, way back in 2007.

Luckily, she will spending the night at her friend Lindsay’s house, so it will almost be like being at home.  She has spent time over there, and she is very familiar and comfortable with Lindsay’s parents.  She knows our expectations, and we know that she will listen to Lindsay’s parents like she is supposed to.

Amber and I are excited that she is taking this step (and excited for a “night off,” too).  There are very few people that we would trust and would have confidence in Kaitlyn spending the night with, and Lindsay’s parents rank right up there.

We hope that Kaitlyn can make it the whole night, and that we won’t be getting the call in the middle of the night that she wants to come home.  Just in case, we will be ready.


2 responses

  1. […] picked Kaitlyn up from her friend’s house Saturday morning promptly at 10am, thus ending her first sleepover at someone else’s house, and capping her first night spent without at least one parent in […]

  2. […] her first sleepover at a friend’s house was a successful test case (it was), then this week will be a true […]

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