Turned Upside Down

It was drama like we had not seen in quite some time when I got home from work Monday evening.  I guess Amber and I should be thankful that it has not reached this level in quite some time, but it was a good reminder of what is always on the horizon.

And it was all over something that was, seemingly, relatively minor.  Well, minor to most people, but not to someone like Kaitlyn who finds comfort in keeping things relatively the same.

upsidedown-world1Pretty much as soon as I walked in the door, I could tell that something was bothering Kaitlyn.  She was down, and was quite close to the verge of a meltdown (little did I know that I would trigger the meltdown by asking how her day was).

I did what I always do when I get home (again with the routine) and asked Kaitlyn how her day was at school.  And that is when the tears started.

The first audible words she produced through the tears was that her “world had been turned upside down.”  I couldn’t wait to find out how or why this was the case.

Apparently while the class was at lunch, Kaitlyn’s teacher had the audacity to rearrange the seating assignments in the classroom (the nerve!).  This threw Kaitlyn way out of sorts, and couple that with the fact that she was now sitting with two boys (oh, no!), and the day was shot.  Once it was clear to us that this was the only issue she was having,  Amber and I reinforced to Kaitlyn that she will be ok, and that everything was going to be fine; she would just have to accept the new seating arrangement and continue to focus on learning.


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