In The Right Place

Lest you get the wrong impression, just because Amber and I do not go out of our way to celebrate Valentine’s Day does not mean that we are not teaching Kaitlyn about love.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

This past Monday, I had the privilege of being able to have lunch with Kaitlyn at her school.  As I usually do when I have lunch with her, I head toward her classroom a few minutes early so I can take a peek at whatever project the class completed that is adorning the wall outside the door.  Not surprisingly, Valentine’s Day was still the prominent theme.  Each student in the class had created a heart that showed what they view love is.  I have shared the picture on here as well, but here is the text:

“Love is…an open door to courage.  Love means having patience, being kind, respectful, and knowing the true value of friendship.  It even means kissing and smooching and hugging.  You need to apologize after you did something wrong to show love them.  On Valentine’s Day, you give out cards to show you love them.”

I’d say that Amber and I are doing a pretty good job in teaching Kaitlyn about love, don’t you think?



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