A “Peppery” Valentine’s

Amber and I don’t do anything special for each other for Valentine’s Day.  We never have because we really don’t think there is any reason why a random day in February should stand out from the rest as far as how we treat each other and how we feel about each other.

Kaitlyn, on the other hand, has been looking forward to today for a few weeks now.  She made her own Valentine’s for her classmates, and has been itching to take them to school for at least two weeks.  For her, the appeal of today is that she can do something nice for her friends and make them feel special.  That is just how she is.

Just because Amber and I choose not to make a big deal out of the day, we also have no intention of dampening Kaitlyn’s spirit about the day, and we have also gotten her a little something every year.  It’s like we are trying to be good parents or something.

AG PepperIn keeping with what has captured her attention for the last few months, our present to her was an easy decision.  We decided to add to Kaitlyn’s American Girl  collection.  We aren’t crazy enough to have added a doll to her collection (but that is coming soon if she gets her AR percentage up since she has passed the 100 point mark that we set for her to get a new doll), so we got her another pet from the collection.  Joining “Licorice” and “Honey” will be “Pepper.”  Kaitlyn will be happy to add to her collection of pets.


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