About 40 Years Late

There has been a new and interesting development when it comes to the TV programming in our house.  It seems as if Kaitlyn has taken a liking to a show that has been off the air for about 40 years now.

Kaitlyn is a fan of watching The Brady Bunch these days.  Interesting.  Brady_Bunch

It all started about two weeks or so ago, when there was nothing on.  Amber noticed that there was an episode on, so she turned on that particular channel.  Kaitlyn was hooked immediately.

Even over this past weekend, with a generous selection of programs to watch, Kaitlyn chose to watch The Brady Bunch when it was on.  Monday before school, she had me searching the channel guide to see if there were any episodes on that we could DVR so she could watch them after school.

She may be about 40 years late to the party, but it is nice to see Kaitlyn enjoying a program that is as tame as The Brady Bunch.



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