Day 100

Frozen LandscapeToday marks the 100th day of school for Kaitlyn.  Correction, today would have been the 100th day of school, but the weather had other ideas.

While the impact will probably not be what everyone expects it to be, the school board made the right call in closing schools for today.  On their best day around here, the local residents are bad drivers, even worse when it rains, and I don’t want to begin to think how they will be if there were ice or snow.  Add a school bus or fifty full of kids, and the recipe for disaster is there for all to see (Kaitlyn does not take the bus).

Since today would have been the 100th day, and Kaitlyn would have been in school, I figured a quick recap would be fine.

As she had in her first two years (kindergarten, first grade), Kaitlyn has been excellent with her attendance.  To date, she has missed just one day, and that was when we went to Columbus for the Soldier Marathon.  On the academic side, Amber and I could not be happier.  Kaitlyn has gotten tremendous grades, making the honor roll for both grading periods so far (first nine weeks, second nine weeks).  She has gotten citizenship certificates each grading period, too, meaning she is being respectful and responsible, and is following school and classroom rules.

We are happy beyond words at how much Kaitlyn loves school and how well she is doing.  Amber and I proudly take an active roll in her education, and we have been fortunate to have had wonderful communication with her teachers each year.  We have continued to find ways to challenge Kaitlyn so that she continues to become and even better student and person, and we are realizing a lot of success in our methods.

There are only 80 (81 if they makeup for today) days left in the school year, and there is a lot of work still to do, but we have reached today’s milestone (tomorrow’s milestone?) in great shape, and the rest of the year is looking wonderful.


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