Doing Our Homework

psyccLast week, we had the first of our two annual follow-ups with Kaitlyn’s psychologist.  Each January, we make an appointment with him so he can gauge the progress we made over the previous twelve months, and so he can find out about any challenges we encountered, plus any new concerns that may have popped up.

There are two phases to our yearly visits.  The first is the family interview, where the three of us are all together and we are asked a variety of questions.  The second comes a few weeks after the first, and that is Kaitlyn’s one-on-one part, where she is observed, tested, and interviewed by herself; at this point, she knows the drill and has no reservations about it.

Each year, the first phase, the family interview, ends the same.  We are given a packet to take home and go through, and in the packet is a questionnaire for Kaitlyn’s teacher.  Multiple perspectives are a good thing.  Of course, Amber and I have our own lengthy homework to do, and it usually consists of multiple pages of questions about Kaitlyn’s behavior, interactions, etc.  It can be exhausting.

The hardest (and most rewarding) part about our homework is that is really makes us dig in and evaluate Kaitlyn and ourselves as parents.  The only fair way to complete the questionnaire is to be very honest, and there are times where we answer a question and are left questioning everything we do as parents.  It is sort of like peeling back the layers on an onion; there are times where your eyes are just going to water.


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