Earning Her Keep

cinderella-scrubbingThis week has been one of distinct change for Kaitlyn.

Tuesday, completely out of the blue, after we ate dinner, Kaitlyn retrieved her little step stool and set up shop in front of the sink.  I watched as the scene unfolded: she took the dirty dishes out of the sink, turned on the water (after asking which one was the hot water), put the plug into the drain, added dish soap, and let the sink fill with water.  I was torn on whether or not to ask exactly what she was about to do and why, mostly because I didn’t want to discourage her.  I kept my mouth shut.

She ended up doing a pretty decent job of washing the dishes, especially since it was the first time she had done so by herself.  A few items needed a second look, but overall, the dishes came out looking pretty good.

As suspected, Kaitlyn had a motive for her actions.  She wants to start earning an allowance.  She even has already earmarked most (probably all) of her earnings for purchases of American Girl dolls and accessories.  Big shocker there!

Even though we paid her for washing the dishes Tuesday night, we also had to establish that she would not be getting paid every day.  That is just not how it is going to work.  Because she keeps good records, we told Kaitlyn that she should write down everything she does each day, and we will review it weekly and determine fair compensation.  Her “pay” will be determined by both the quantity of work done and the quality of work done, and Amber is a pretty strict judge when it comes to cleaning.

It might be time to get the wooden bucket and rags out, Cinderella style!


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