Reporting In

Kaitlyn brought her report card home today.  Due to logistical concerns, she brought it home a day later than she should have, but it is here nonetheless.

mathIf her first report card from second grade was the baseline of what we could expect, Kaitlyn once again met our expectations.

Once again, Kaitlyn made the honor roll.  (Sorry if this is starting to seem like a broken record.  Okay, I am not that sorry!)  Straight-A’s again!

She also earned “very consistent demonstration” in all measured behavior and work/study skills, with consistent demonstration of each.  A pretty solid job on her part.

As always, my favorite part of the report card is the teacher comments section, and here is what it said this time:

“Kaitlyn continues to make good progress in all areas.  She has already mastered many of the second grade benchmarks!  During the next nine weeks we will work on putting forth her best efforts and extending skills so that she can reach her full potential.  In addition, we will continue to work on checking work for careless mistakes before turning it in.  She does enjoy learning new things and I am encouraging her to look for ways to expand.  Please have her continue to work on practicing her basic math facts at home.  Thank you for all the support you offer!”  (All emphasis above are mine.)

I am very happy and impressed by the comments (most of them, at least).  I hope that the last semester of second grade is a challenge for her since she has already mastered most of the benchmarks.  It is important that Kaitlyn is continually challenged.  This nine weeks should bring round two of gifted testing, so that might be a way to keep her occupied.

Amber and I continue to work with her and remind her about checking for careless mistakes.  Her mistakes are not because she does not know the material, they come from the fact that she rushes to be the first one done.  No matter how many times we remind her that it is not a race, she can’t seem to help herself.  Just last week, she brought home a timed math test where she did not answer three of the questions because she ran out of time, but we did not focus on that; no, we focused on the fact that she got every answer right that she did get a chance to finish.  I think she is getting it little by little, but it is going to be an uphill fight with her.




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