What’s In Store?


It seems like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in front of my computer screen recapping 2012, and the adventures we had.  Hard to believe that it was 365 days ago.  Hard to believe that it was countless adventures ago, way more than I could ever have hoped to share on here.

2013 was yet another adventurous year for us.  We saw our shares of ups and downs, but the one thing that Amber and I remained steadfast in is doing what we thought was best for Kaitlyn each and every day.

We had our annual follow-up with the psychologist.  Kaitlyn completed her first 5k.  There was the first of many Oscar-worthy performances.  Those are always fun.  Kaitlyn played her first season of an organized sport, T-ball.  There was, of course, our first Disney cruise, and what a “Dream” it was!

Kaitlyn turned seven this past summer, and her ocean-themed birthday party was a success.  Over the summer, she also lost her first toothSchool started back in August, and Kaitlyn was excited to start second grade; so far, second grade has been amazing, with Kaitlyn having made straight A’s in the first nine weeks (second report card coming soon!).

2014 should be an interesting year as well.  Amber and I know that there will be plenty of adventures (I could probably write something every day, but then you would get sick of reading this blog), and with the adventures, there will be plenty of highs and lows again.  While we may not know all of what is in store for 2014, we do know some of what will happen.

Soccer kicks back off shortly, and that should be entertaining.  We have our annual follow-up with the psychologist coming up in January.  Kaitlyn will be bringing home another report card in the next few weeks, too.  We will be going on our second cruise this summer, but not before our required trip to the Disney Store in Destin for some necessities for Kaitlyn.  Third grade, and all the challenges that will come along with it, will start in August (it pains me to even write that this far out because I don’t want it to get here too soon).

No matter what happens in 2014, I know that Amber will be by my side, and I know that we will continue to raise Kaitlyn our way, knowing that everything we do is with the truest intentions of making her life better.  I am thankful that Amber and I get to share these adventures together, and we are all thankful for the support of our friends and family.


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