An Early Christmas

Christmas is by far Kaitlyn’s favorite holiday.  She loves all the decorations.  She loves the cookies.  She loves our Christmas Eve tradition.  And she loves the presents.

Kaitlyn’s Papa and Gran were up for a visit this weekend, which meant that Kaitlyn got to have an early Christmas.  She didn’t seem to mind that one bit.  If she would have had her way, which she didn’t (for about the only time during the weekend), she would have opened all of her presents Friday afternoon.  Being the mean and terrible parents we are (ask around), we made her wait and allowed her to only open one present Friday afternoon.

SparkleSaturday was all about Kaitlyn, but that is really not out-of-the-ordinary around here since most days are all about Kaitlyn.  She chose what we had for breakfast, Dunkin Donuts.  After breakfast, it was time to head to soccer practice (she also had practice Friday night); the rain held off until about 10 minutes after practice ended, so that was a good thing.  From the soccer field, we went to Kaitlyn’s lunch choice, Chick-fil-A (of course!).  We had one quick detour before we landed at the bowling alley.  To top off the day, we had dinner where Kaitlyn wanted, Steak N Shake, and capped off the evening with dessert at Nuberrri.  I guess Saturday pretty much qualifies as an unofficial “Kaitlyn Day.”

This morning was rough though.  As she always does when her grandparents leave, Kaitlyn was crying hysterically.  It makes her extremely sad to see her grandparents leave, almost like she feels like they don’t love her enough to want to stay (Amber and I don’t think that’s true).  We all enjoy when people visit, but Kaitlyn takes it especially hard when people leave.  I guess if I could ask her newly acquired “Elf on the Shelf,” Sparkle (Kaitlyn named her), for one Christmas wish for Kaitlyn, it would be to have her grandparents live by us (not all of them, that would be both greedy and insane); as much as she loves when the visit, I know that she would love nothing more than to have grandparents here full-time.  Not only to spend the holidays with, but to have them there to see her performances and her soccer games and her T-ball games and whatever else she does.  Yep, that would be my Christmas wish.


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