A Shining Star

After watching Kaitlyn practice her part in the school’s Christmas program for so long, Amber and I could not wait to see the actual production Tuesday night.  And it was a great show!

The program was divided into a couple different parts so that parents had a better opportunity to see their child perform.  Kaitlyn’s role came up during the third song, and she was dressed as a star.

She was the most beautiful shining star I have ever seen, even if her costume was a tad too big.  For most of the song, she struggled to keep her costume from swallowing her whole, and that just made it even better.  She knew the dance steps and the words to the song, and she did a great job.

If there was going to be a time when the social awkwardness that comes with her Asperger’s was going to be on display, Tuesday was going to be the time.  I was able to notice that, while, as noted above, she knew the dance and the song, she was very uncomfortable.  She focused intently on getting her part right, and barely looked at the audience at all.  That is just fine with me.  What the program did do, however, was force her to get out of her shell even more.  It is easy for her to be herself when she is comfortable with her surroundings, and we work hard at making her more comfortable in more places.

The best part of the night came after the show.  As Amber and I were heading over to meet with her, Kaitlyn intercepted us, and she had the absolute biggest smile on her face.  She was very happy with her performance, and that is all that matters.  For all of the challenges that Kaitlyn faces with her Asperger’s, what Amber and I want most is for her to be happy with herself and in things that she does.  We are her biggest fans and most fervent supporters, and we embrace those roles, and the role of being the ones to help guide her every day.  To us, she is a shining star everyday.


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