This Should Be Good…

soccerSince the spring, Kaitlyn has been talking about wanting to play soccer.  We missed the cutoff last year by a few weeks, and she made sure to remind us plenty this year so that we got her signed up.  We coordinated with her friend Lindsay’s parents to ensure that they would be on the same team like they were for T-ball, and signed her up.  The website informed us that we would be getting a call from her coach sometime around Thanksgiving, so we waited for the call.  And we waited.

Last week, Amber got an email from a league representative about a parent meeting for our team, the Rugrats, Wednesday evening.  Kaitlyn decided that she didn’t want to go, so the two of us hung out for a little bit (and it’s probably a good thing).  Amber dutifully showed up to the soccer complex for the meeting, only to see other teams already practicing.  Interesting.  Other than the fact the meeting was being held at the complex, Amber had no idea exactly where at the complex.  She ran into a dad who was having the same problem, so they wandered around together, looking for the meeting; by this time, Lindsay’s dad decided that he would just get the info from Amber since he was not about to play hide-and-seek with the meeting (good call on his part).

As it turns out, it is a really good thing I did not attend the meeting, because, as Amber pointed out, Kaitlyn may not have been playing soccer.  Apparently, the team was just formed the day of the e-mail, and only because one of the parents called to inquire about the status of her daughter since her son’s team was already practicing.  On top of that, our team had no coach.  Wonderful.  Luckily, the lost dad that Amber wandered around with volunteered for duty.

Kaitlyn’s first practice was this past Friday.  We found out about it Friday morning.  No worries, she made it to practice just fine, with just a slight alteration to our evening.  Alex Morgan

I am not holding out hope that this soccer league will be any more well-run than the T-ball league was this past spring.  What is important is that Kaitlyn has fun, and her first practice was a success.  As a cruel joke (somewhat), we are slated for Friday evening practices until games start.  Of course, we have no idea when those start, either, but my best guess would be sometime in January.  If the formation of the Rugrats is any indication, our first game will be some other team’s third game, and we will only know about it after a parent calls to inquire about our schedule.  I just love disorganization!


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  1. […] Soccer kicks back off shortly, and that should be entertaining.  We have our annual follow-up with the psychologist coming up in January.  Kaitlyn will be bringing home another report card in the next few weeks, too.  We will be going on our second cruise this summer, but not before our required trip to the Disney Store in Destin for some necessities for Kaitlyn.  Third grade, and all the challenges that will come along with it, will start in August (it pains me to even write that this far out because I don’t want it to get here too soon). […]

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