Hand It Over

We don’t have very many traditions when it comes to Thanksgiving.  Other than running in our local Turkey Trot in the morning, we are pretty flexible with the rest of the day.  Last year, we joined some friends for brunch after the race, and before that, we would just hang out around the house.  This year, we will be enjoying a Thanksgiving lunch with a friend of ours and her family.

We are also planning on doing something for Thanksgiving that we have not done in the past (no, I am not talking about Amber running the 5k in the morning, which she is).  We are planning on taking Kaitlyn to see a movie.  And not just any movie, either.  We are going to go see Disney’s FrozenDisney-Frozen

Kaitlyn has been looking forward to seeing this movie for several months now.  Let’s just say that she is a big fan of Disney movies, and pretty much anything Disney (surprisingly, her love of American Girls has not completely supplanted Disney).  Her excitement has only increased in recent weeks as she has taken notice of merchandise from the movie in different stores we have been in.

This morning, before we left for work (Kaitlyn is putting in a hard day’s work with Amber today), I asked Amber if she wanted me to get any cash out for the movie tomorrow.  Before I could even finish the question, Kaitlyn’s hand was outstretched, waiting for my cash to be handed over.  I wish I could say that this is a new thing for her, but we have a picture at home of Kaitlyn when she first starting to be able to stand where she is taking cash out of my wallet.  The best part about Kaitlyn’s love of cash is that she is a saver, at least of her money (she seems to really enjoy spending our money).

A new tradition may be born tomorrow with us seeing a movie, and I can hardly wait.


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