A Simple Wish

Sometimes, Amber and I are just left speechless by things that Kaitlyn says or does.  Today is no exception.

With Christmas right around the corner, you can be certain that Kaitlyn, like every other child her age, is already crafting a Christmas list.  In her case, she has created a few of them in order to keep compartmentalized who she asks for certain things.  There is her list for Santa, which is quite extensive, and then lists for each set of grandparents.  From what I have noticed, there is almost no overlap in any of the lists.  Smart girl.

But her ability to keep track of so many different lists is not what had us speechless today.  Nope.  What left us with our mouths agape was her Christmas wish.

Her Christmas wish is simple; all she wants for Christmas is love.  Those were her exact words.  Unreal.  I can assure you that she will get that, plus a whole lot more.



2 responses

  1. Some one in her life is doing something right.

    1. Thanks! We’re doing the best we can.

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