On The Honor Roll

schoolhouse1Kaitlyn brought home her first report card for second grade yesterday, and, as Amber and I expected, there were no surprises at all.  She started second grade the way that she finished first grade…on the honor roll.

Overall, there are seven areas where students are graded:  Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education.  Kaitlyn earned an “A” grade in each of the seven areas.  Amber and I could not be happier.  We are very proud of the effort that Kaitlyn gave during the first nine weeks.

In addition to her stellar grades, Kaitlyn received the highest performance code, an “E,” in both Behavior and Work/Study Skills, with consistent demonstration shown in each of the sub-categories; follows rules, demonstrates self-control, respects adults and peers, and handles conflicts and problems appropriately under Behavior, and works cooperatively, works independently, exhibits on-task behavior, completes assignments, and follows directions under Work/Study Skills.  While Amber and I are both proud of her achievements in both areas, we are especially proud that she consistently follows rules and respects adults and peers because those are both areas where we have placed a lot of emphasis on her for a vast majority of her life.  Following rules and being respectful are two very important tenets of how Amber and I have chosen to parent Kaitlyn, and it is always nice to see our efforts being affirmed by an independent source.

Kaitlyn also brought home three certificates:  Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance (44 for 44), and Citizenship.

My favorite part of each report card that she has brought home so far is the teacher comments section, and I was not disappointed with this one.  Here is what her teacher wrote:

“I am so proud of how well Kaitlyn has adjusted to second grade.  As we discussed at our conference, she is making good progress in all areas.  She comes to school eager to learn and adds so much to our classroom.  She is reading fluently and has good comprehension skills.  In addition, she has excellent problem solving skills and is quick to solve higher level math equations.  She is a joy to teach!  Than you for all of the help and support that you offer at home.”

Reading comments like those is always a joy.  They show us that not only is Kaitlyn a good student, but she really does enjoy learning.  We are going to reinforce that joy as much as possible.



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