For Licorice

LicoriceWell, the deal came sooner than expected, but we were able to come to an agreement with Kaitlyn that will hopefully keep her motivated to continue to take AR tests at school.  Since she has already met her goal for this nine weeks, Amber and I jumped into action quickly to find something to keep her taking tests.  We did not want a repeat of last nine weeks where she met her goal really fast and then did not take any tests for a few weeks.

The reward?  Licorice.

No, not the licorice that you eat, although she would probably be happy with that, too.  Licorice the cat, from the “American Girls” catalog that Kaitlyn carries with her constantly.  She browses it while she is eating breakfast, and pretty much every spare second she has before we leave for school in the morning.

The deal is pretty simple, although Kaitlyn proved to be a much tougher negotiator than we expected.  We wanted to make it something that was difficult but still something she could achieve.  We figured, what with Kaitlyn at 9.5 points after last week, and having taken a couple of tests this week, that 30 points was not too outrageous.  We were wrong.  Kaitlyn felt otherwise, and after a quick discussion, we settled on 25 points for this nine weeks.  25 points, and she does not have to spend her money on this particular item in the catalog.  Seems like a pretty fair deal, and Amber and I are well aware that we should probably just go ahead and order the cat soon.

Knowing Kaitlyn, she will hit the goal we set for her, and rocket right past it.  It would not surprise me in the least if she did that, and then wanted to change the terms of the deal to where she somehow tries to convince us to substitute the cat for a doll, and that is not going to happen, not with this deal.



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