On The Right Foot

Kaitlyn started the second nine week grading period in school last week, and it really could not have gone much better than it did.  Amber and I are starting to get a little spoiled by the reports that she brings home every week that we are constantly having to adjust our expectations.

Report cards come out this week, but we really do not expect any surprises at all.  From everything that Kaitlyn has brought home that has been graded, and from what we learned in our conference a few weeks ago, she should be bringing home a pretty impressive report card.

With the new grading period getting underway last week, Kaitlyn’s AR goal has also been reset.  Last nine weeks, she hit her goal during the second week she could take tests at get points.  This time, she reached her goal in four days.  Since she did so good during the last grading period, her goal was raised for this period, with the thinking that it would take her a little bit longer.  Nope, she has already surpassed her goal of 7.4 for this grading period, having notched 9.5 points last week already.  The trick for the rest of the nine weeks will be keeping her motivated to continue to take the tests.  Amber and I are also considering working with her teacher to raise the goal even more next period, or establishing our own goal for her to reach, with a significant reward for meeting it.

Kaitlyn was also Student of the Week for her class last week, and that made her really happy, too.  She brought home a certificate for 5 free ounces at Nuberri, and she could not wait to use it, so we took her to cash in Saturday afternoon.

Hopefully we can continue to build on all of the positives from last week.  Kaitlyn sure did start out on the right foot!


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