Second (Somewhat) Annual “Kaitlyn Day”

Out of the blue Friday night, Amber came up to me with a great idea:  let’s celebrate the 2nd (Somewhat) Annual “Kaitlyn Day” this weekend.  So we did exactly that yesterday.

We did the same thing last year as a way to reward her just for being who she is.  Yesterday followed a pretty similar script as what we did for her last July; we pretty much let her choose everything that we did, starting with lunch.

I guess I should backup a second and explain why we made yesterday “Kaitlyn Day.”  Last year (click the link above to read all about it), we had a day in her honor because of the commotion of buying our new house and moving, and we knew that she needed some time where all of our collective energy and attention was on her.  This year, there was no big move or anything, but there was still plenty of reason for us to make the day about her.

For starters, she has had a wonderful first nine weeks of second grade (this coming week marks the end of the grading period).  She has been great about behaving herself in school (she has not eaten a single Cheeto since her incident a few weeks ago), and every Friday when she brings her work home from school, it is a stack of papers with mostly 100% on the top of the papers.  We use the few times she does not get a 100% as opportunities to remind her to slow down so she does not make careless mistakes.

Another reason for making yesterday her special day was to reward her for the way that she handled a pretty stressful situation at school this past week.  Let’s just say that there are some students who could learn a thing or two from Kaitlyn and her friends about how to treat others and how to be respectful of their peers.

On to the details of the day.  Kaitlyn got to choose where we went for lunch, and she chose Moe’s (“Welcome to Moe’s!).  She ate just enough of her burrito to leave room for her chocolate chip cookie, and was even able to talk us in to stopping at the bookstore after lunch.  Little did she know that we had already planned on going there so that she could pick out another American Girls book for her collection.  Either way, she was excited to add a book to her collection.  But her fun was not over yet.  Our next stop was Target, where we were able to track down one of the elusive American Girls movies, so she came home with a movie, too.  To cap off her day, Kaitlyn had a special dinner of her choosing (Wendy’s) with dessert from Sweet Frog.

While the individual parts of the day do not seem like much to most people, the sum of the parts, the pure happiness on Kaitlyn’s face all day yesterday, is what made the day so special.


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