Conference Time

schoolhouse1We had our required parent/teacher conference this afternoon with Kaitlyn’s teacher.  Going in, Amber and I were not expecting too many surprises.  The conference went pretty much exactly how we thought it would.

So far, we have been fortunate that Kaitlyn has had teachers who have been approachable, willing to communicate, and have flexibility and understanding.  Three teachers into Kaitlyn’s public education, and we cannot be happier.

Having our conference this close to the end of the nine weeks takes a little of the mystery out of what to expect when Kaitlyn brings home her first report card in a few weeks, but it is always nice to gauge where she is and have some of her teacher’s time.

ReadingWe started out by going over Kaitlyn’s reading progress, and as you can imagine if you have read any of the vast number of posts I have written about her progress in school, was a good place to start.  Just over a month and a half into second grade, and Kaitlyn is already reading on a third grade level; third grade, almost third month to be exact.  She was the first one in her class to meet her AR goal, and she has gotten back on track with taking more AR tests recently, too.  Her teacher noted that to be in the 75th percentile for reading, she had to be able to read 75 words per minute; Kaitlyn is at 135 words per minute, which has her teacher wondering if she is a speed reader, has a photographic memory, or both.  Time will tell, I guess.

mathIn math, she is doing great as well.  She is currently, according to one measurement, at a third grade level with her math skills, third grade, first month.  She has already topped out in measuring the application of certain math skills.  Her worst area in math, and this is to be expected since it is not even a second grade skill, is in multiplication; I have no doubt that six months from now she will have significantly improved in that area, too.

Her teacher did share a few areas of concern with us.  Nothing major, but areas where we can partner up and make some improvements (hopefully).  She also noted how Kaitlyn is very hard on herself and is a perfectionist in everything that she does.

The first area of concern is one that we had last year, and one that I think will continue to repeat itself, at least until Kaitlyn is constantly challenged.  That is, of course, in how quickly she finishes her work.  The majority of the mistakes that she makes on her work is because  she rushes through it.  Instead of taking her time, she strives to be the first one done all the time.  No matter how many times we tell her that it is ok to not be the first one done, it does not seem to take.  We’ll consider this a work in progress for now.

The other area for concern, and one that we will address sooner rather than later, is that Kaitlyn has taken to mumbling under her breath when she does not care for something.  She has already been warned by her teacher a few times, and has made at least one of her classmates uncomfortable another time because of her mumbling.  She mumbles under her breath that things are “boring” if she does not want to pay attention, and she mumbles under her breath when she disagrees.  I know where this comes from, but I am not going to name any names!

Overall, I think it was a productive conference.  Amber and I have already begun to strategize on how to correct what needs correcting while encouraging her to continue to excel.


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