Oh Those Cheetos!

chester-cheetahThere are times when Amber and I bluntly reminded just how fortunate we are that Kaitlyn behaves as well as she does.  Because she rarely gets into any type of trouble at all, I think we sometimes lose sight of how good she is 99% of the time…I guess we can chalk her behavior up to good parenting (or something like that!).

On occasion, however, Kaitlyn does do something that leaves us scratching our heads.  We had one of those occasions recently.

I can only think of maybe one other time since Kaitlyn started school that we heard from one of Kaitlyn’s teachers and the message was something other than positive.  Her weekly reports almost always show that she has been on her best behavior during the week.

I came back from lunch the other day to an email that Amber forwarded to me that was from Kaitlyn’s teacher.  I was shocked when I read it:

I just wanted to give you the “heads up” that Kaitlyn received a red slip in the lunchroom today.  She was stomping her Cheetos on the floor and was asked by the adult in charge to not do it again
and keep her area clean.  She continued to do it, so they gave her a red slip to give to me.

Spectacular.  From that moment on, I was determined to find out what she was thinking when she did it.

When I got home from work, the first thing I asked her was if there was anything she needed to tell me about her day at school.  She hedged for a second, so I sped up the conversation for her.  I asked her about what happened in the lunchroom.  After some wrangling, she admitted that she did it, and that she knew it was wrong, but she tried to shift the blame to other kids telling her to do so.  I let her know that I really did not care what any other kid may have told her, she is responsible for her actions, and she seemed to understand.  There were, of course, repercussions for her actions, and Amber and I dealt with the incident, and Kaitlyn has been on her best behavior since.

If this little incident is the worst thing that she does to get herself in trouble, I think that Amber and I will both be happy about it.  Kaitlyn usually behaves herself,  and this incident was completely out-of-character for her.  She learned a hard and valuable lesson, and we have all moved on.  She also has not wanted anything to do with any of what is left of the Cheetos in the house.


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