“We Have A Problem!”

For some reason, ever since she reached her AR goal during the third week of school, Kaitlyn has been reluctant to take any more tests.  She tells us that she wants to hit certain milestones so that she can participate in some of the rewards that are out there, but she has seemed content having just met her goal.  While we are beyond proud that she met her goal so quickly, the last thing Amber and I want is for her to just sit back for the rest of the grading period and not continue to progress.

The other night, we decided to talk to her about our expectations going forward, and I don’t think either of us were completely prepared for the drama that followed.  Apparently, one of the reasons she has not taken any AR tests recently is because she didn’t do so hot on one she took a few weeks ago, and she did not want to hurt her average.  We had to relay to her that a better way of maintaining or improving her average would be to continue to take tests and do well on them, not by avoiding taking the tests completely.

That, of course, led to a different, yet related, reason for drama.  The new reason for her not taking tests quickly became that by taking tests in class, she was missing out on playing during recess.  That just did not cut it for me; I reminded her that she is in school to learn, not to rush through tests so she has more time at recess.  I even did the quick math to let her know that she gets over 8 hours of play time during after school each week, and that was more than enough.  At this point, the meltdown had lasted over 20 minutes, but it seemed like it was on its way to a conclusion.

Or so we thought.  Less than 5 minutes later, just as Amber and I thought we could get a little comfortable on the couch and that Kaitlyn was in bed for the night, we had to head back into her room.

“We have a problem!,” Kaitlyn bellowed from her room.  This was going to be good, I just knew it, and I was not disappointed.

Kaitlyn, it seems, does not think it is fair that second through fifth graders do not get to use whatever AR book they are being tested on to assist them with said test.  Only students in kindergarten and first grade get to refer back to their books.  And that has Kaitlyn rather upset.  We did our best to explain to her that the school had certain rules in place, and that not being able to use her book anymore was not an excuse to not take tests anymore.  By the time we finally got through to her, we had also made it clear that we expected her to start taking AR tests again immediately.  Not surprisingly, she brought home two books last night, and will be taking the tests today.

Problem solved.  I think.


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  1. […] She was the first one in her class to meet her AR goal, and she has gotten back on track with taking more AR tests recently, too.  Her teacher noted that to be in the 75th percentile for reading, she had to be able to read […]

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