Thirst For Knowledge

I should have known that I was about to witness something that would surprise me, even though I should know better than to be surprised at pretty much anything that Kaitlyn does anymore.  But there I was, walking away shaking my head, after what Amber showed me what Kaitlyn was doing the other night.

As long as she has had a successful day (good in school, respectful at home, etc.), Kaitlyn usually gets some time after her bath to play on the computer.  Most days, she will be checking out games on the PBS site or the Disney Princess site, and will sometimes be planning our next cruise using the Disney Cruise site.  The other night, however, she was not on any of those sites.  No, she went a completely different route, and both Amber and I were shocked and proud.

Amber snuck out of our computer room to retrieve me from watching MLB Network to take a look at what Kaitlyn was doing.  She wanted me to be really quiet so that Kaitlyn did not stop what she was doing and move on to something else.  Easy enough, especially because I can move like a ninja if I have to.

When I snuck into the computer room, there was Kaitlyn, sitting on the computer, watching a video about the Civil War.  When I asked her why she was watching something about the Civil War, she flatly stated that it was “because I want to learn about it.”  Ok then.  After that, I went back to watching TV, but I decided to try to listen to see if I could hear what Kaitlyn would be doing for the rest of her time on the computer (she tends to narrate what she is doing).  Once the Civil War video was finished, she searched for one about the Revolutionary War, and she finished by watching one about the Statue of Liberty.  The child has an endless thirst for knowledge.

Like everything else she takes an interest in, Amber and I fully expect that she will quickly become an fully immersed in learning about those subjects.  It is just a matter of time before she starts quizzing us on different facts she has learned.  I can’t wait.


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