High Standards

Kaitlyn was not a very happy camper when she came home from school yesterday, which was a very strange thing for her.  As is usually the case, we asked her how her day was and what she did.  Amber asked about her spelling test (she didn’t have it yesterday, it is today) and about her math test.  That is when she got really cranky.

Kaitlyn was not too happy to answer the question about how she did on her math test.  She was not happy with the grade that she got, and she thought we were going to be upset at her and disappointed in her.  This was going to be very interesting.

After a few seconds, we were able to find out how she did.  “I got a 90% on it.  I only got an ‘A’ on it,” is what she told us.  Amber and I looked at each other in pure shock.  She thought we would be disappointed in her for getting a 90%.  Not in a million years.  We are beyond happy that she holds herself to such a high standard, and we will continue to encourage her to push herself, but we will never be disappointed in her or upset with her for “only” getting a 90%/A.  I figured that we would have to deal with something like this sooner or later this year, especially since this is the first year that she will be getting letter grades, but I never thought it would happen before the end of the third week of school.  I guess if our only problem this year is Kaitlyn getting a little down on herself for getting a 90%, we will be in great shape.

It was not all doom-and-gloom for Kaitlyn yesterday after school though.  She proudly announced that she had already achieved her AR goal for the nine weeks.  Of course, Amber and I immediately, after telling her we were proud of her, told her that she needs to continue to take the tests as often as possible.

I have a feeling this year is going to be very interesting.


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  1. Having a mind set like that will take her very far in life. It is great to have high expectations.

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