Full Speed Ahead

Two weeks in, and Kaitlyn seems to have taken nicely to her surroundings in second grade.  In fact, she seems to be on some sort of mission, especially when it comes to her Accelerated Reader, AR, goal.  (I wrote a lot about AR all throughout her first grade year, so there won’t be a detailed description here today).

When Kaitlyn brought home her first weekly progress report the first Friday of school, one of the first things I noticed was that her AR goal was shown at the top.  It stood out nicely.  For the first nine weeks of school, Kaitlyn’s goal for AR points is 5.4.  That is a reasonable goal, I guess.

Kaitlyn took her first AR test that first Friday, and in the next week, racked up a total of 9 tests taken.  In what basically amounts to a week of taking tests, she has already gotten 4.7 points.  In other words, she is 87% of the way toward reaching her goal, and has only been in school for 22% of the grading period.  At this rate, it is probably not too far-fetched to think that she will reach her goal sometime this week.

Kaitlyn has also decided on a course of action when it comes to her homework for this year, at least so far.  For the first week, she went ahead and took care of getting her homework completed pretty much as soon as she got home from school; that is a first for her because she usually does not want anything to do with her homework until Amber or I remind her about it on Sunday afternoon.

So far, we cannot be happier with how second grade has started off.  Our hope is that she will keep going full speed ahead and this year will be wonderful.  In the near future, she will be tested again for gifted, and I just hope that she does her best with that.


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