“The formation of words whose sound is imitative of the sound of the noise or action designated, such as hiss, buzz, and bang.” (source)

What grade were you in when you learned the definition of onomatopoeia?  Was it second grade?  I am fairly certain that I did not learn that word that early, and there was no way I was using it correctly at age 7.

But that is what I came home to Friday evening.  Kaitlyn beaming and using onomatopoeia correctly in sentences, and providing examples.

If you are sitting there reading this right now and you are thinking that Amber and I are in trouble, you don’t know the half of it.  It goes way beyond Kaitlyn’s vocabulary and her proper use of the words that she learns in school and in books.

Take, for example, what happens when she gets an idea.  I don’t know how most kids are, but what we get from Kaitlyn can be a little on the scary side.  By the time she gets around to sharing an idea with us, it has gone well beyond the stage of her merely presenting her idea and hoping to have it considered.  Way beyond.  When she comes to Amber or I, or to both of us, with an idea, she is already several steps past the initial introduction of the idea.  At that point, she is already in the planning stage, and sometimes the execution stage, of whatever idea she has.  She is simply doing us a favor by coming to us and informing us of her idea; I doubt she could care less most of the time if we buy-in or not.  And that makes the process of actually discussing something with her or presenting alternatives very frustrating.



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  1. Yes, your perception of the “audience’s” prior knowledge of the discussion determines your starting point.

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