Slow Down A Little

I have never really been one that has been big on motivational speeches or sayings, or really applying unrelated idioms or axioms to situations.  Frankly, I don’t really deal a lot in hyperbole, but I found myself doing just that throughout the day and into the night yesterday, and I think/know that it had everything to do with Kaitlyn starting her first day of school.  At that point, I could not get the old saying, “stop and smell the roses” out of my head, and it seemed to really apply.  bouquet-yellow-roses-dsc00909

As you know if you read this on a regular basis, or if yesterday was your first time reading this (I do have a question for you if yesterday was the first time you read these posts: where have you been?), Kaitlyn started school yesterday.  Second grade to be exact.  And as Amber and I were walking back to the parking lot to head off to work, we both sort of realized that this is already the third time we have done that particular drill.

Throughout the day, we started sharing different things that Kaitlyn used to do that she no longer does.  Like how she would pronounce the word “penguin” or the word “flower.”  The list is really long, and we realize that those are times we can’t get back, but that can live on as our own little narrative history.

Last night, I pointed something else out to Amber that gave us a minute of pause.  I pointed out that in just about 10 years, Kaitlyn will be graduating from high school.  10 years is not a long time at all, and I bet the next decade will fly by in some respects, even though we really won’t want it to.

While we were waiting in the drop-off line this morning, I asked Kaitlyn how much longer she wants to continue our first day of school tradition of grabbing ice cream when I get home from work, and she told me that she wants to continue to do it every first day of school.  I can only hope, because that is one rose that I will happily stop and smell every time it I pass by it.



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