That Was Fast

“Oh back to school, back to school.  To prove to dad that I am not a fool.  I’ve got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight.  I hope I don’t get in a fight.  Oh back to school.”  -From Billy Madison

It seems like just yesterday we were putting the finishing touches on getting ready for our Disney cruise to mark the end of the school year, and here we are at the first day of school already.  Second grade.  Wow!

schoolhouse1We had a chance to meet Kaitlyn’s teacher last Thursday, and she seems like she will be great for her.  She has some pretty concrete rules that should be simple enough to follow, the discipline chart seems easy to adhere to, and the grading scale is pretty black-and-white.  At some point in the very near future, I will get in touch with her about making sure that Kaitlyn is once again tested for gifted, and hopefully it will be done after she can get back into her routine and is comfortable again.

A few times this past weekend, Kaitlyn expressed to me that she was worried about how she would do in second grade, and I had to keep reminding her that she would do just fine.  We know that she puts a lot of pressure on herself, so Amber and I are already starting to figure out ways to alleviate some of that pressure so that Kaitlyn can just relax, be herself, and be successful.

Tonight, Kaitlyn and I will go for what has become our first day of school tradition and grab some ice cream after I get home from work.  I don’t know who looks forward to it more, me or her, but I know that we both enjoy our time together.

This morning, we dropped Kaitlyn off for day 1 of 180 of second grade.  Time sure is flying by.


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  1. […] a question for you if yesterday was the first time you read these posts: where have you been?), Kaitlyn started school yesterday.  Second grade to be exact.  And as Amber and I were walking back to the parking lot to head off […]

  2. […] her ocean-themed birthday party was a success.  Over the summer, she also lost her first tooth.  School started back in August, and Kaitlyn was excited to start second grade; so far, second grade has been […]

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