Leaving Her In The Dust

Amber is fast approaching a milestone birthday.  With the milestone in question just a few months away, she decided to set her sights on accomplishing something that is outside her “comfort zone.”  You can read her take by clicking here.  I bring that up because it dovetails perfectly into a proclamation Kaitlyn made the other night.

I knew that when we told Kaitlyn that one of the things that Amber wants to do over the next few months is to run a 5k, she would be really excited.  Of course, we could not just come out and tell her that (what is the fun in that); it had to be more of a game instead.

wpid-running_man.pngWe were all sitting on the couch, and I asked Kaitlyn, “Do you know how every year at the Turkey Trot how mom is always waiting for us at the finish line and taking pictures?”  She sighed and gave me a “yes.”  “Well, she is not going to be doing that this year,” I told her.  I waited to see her reaction, and it was exactly what I thought it would be…a little bit of confusion.  She asked why, so I told her that we would all three be running it this year.  Kaitlyn’s eyes lit up instantly.

I think that Kaitlyn has been waiting for the day that Amber would come around and decide to run with us.  She is, after all, all about doing things as a family.

Kaitlyn also announced pretty quickly that she would beat both of us to the finish line this Thanksgiving, and that she would be “leaving her (Amber) in the dust.”  Alrighty then.


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