Right Around The Corner

Well, we made it through orientation yesterday, which means we are one day closer to the first day of school.  It is hard to believe that Kaitlyn will be starting second grade, and the first day is right around the corner.

Kaitlyn looked at the clock in the car yesterday, and noticed that orientation was due to start in less than 10 minutes.  A moment of panic ensued for her because she thought we were going to be late; she sometimes forgets that we live about 5 minutes from her school, and that we were going to make it in plenty of time, which we did.  And, we even beat the rain, although not by much.

The first thing we noticed when we saw the class roster was that none of her close friends are in her class.  In fact, none of them are even in the same class with each other; the school did a good job of “randomly” placing them.  Then, it was time to meet her teacher.

In the days leading up to orientation, Kaitlyn seemed to have her heart set on getting one particular teacher, the one that resides just down the street from us.  She did not get that teacher, but she seemed fine with that.  Amber and I liked her teacher, too, although our interaction with her was very brief.

We were able to get Kaitlyn signed up for the after school program, too.  This year, it seems like they are trying to implement something different because we had to fill out a 1st and 2nd choice for Kaitlyn to do each day, and I do not recall having done that in the past.  Much to our surprise, Kaitlyn did not make the iPad station her first choice for every day, but she did choose it for at least one day; among her other choices were soap making, cheerleading, kids on film, marshmallow activities (although you would think that a school would not misspell “marshmallow,” but they did), hair studio, and under the sea.  We finally left the school after being there for about an hour and a half (some of that time was spent waiting out the rain).

Later in the evening, Kaitlyn did let on that she was a little worried about some of the changes this year, particularly the grading system.  This will be her first year on the A-B-C-D-F scale, and that is one area that concerns Amber and I, too.  We are not concerned with the grading system, which is set up fairly, but we are concerned that she will put too much pressure on herself to hit certain scores that she knows will get her an A.  Once again, we had to reinforce with her that our expectation is that she will do her very best and take her time on her assignments.  Since she will be getting actual letter grades this year, we are also going to institute a little bit of a payment system where she will earn cash for achieving certain letter grades (the values have yet to be determined), and trips to her favorite dessert place, Nuberri, when she makes the honor roll.

She was pretty excited, however, to have her own desk this year.  This will be her first year where she will not be sharing a table with other students, and that is neat to her.

Today is the last day of summer for her, and this will be her last weekend to really relax before school starts.  Hopefully, we can get some sunshine at some point this weekend and we can get in the pool (after I clean it, of course).



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